We view leadership and leadership development as one of our highest priorities. Leadership is something that we would rather affirm than simply appoint, meaning, before we appoint someone as a leader, we would like to have seen them functionally operating as a leader in that way. Ministry Team leaders, Community Group leaders, Discipleship Leaders, Pastors, and Teachers all have very similar beginnings: humility, teachability, a team-player, a sense of humor, a servant’s mindset, considerate of others, compassionate towards others, etc. We would like to see these kinds of things, along with the fruit of the spirit and biblical qualifications for leaders, in a person before appointing him/her into leadership. We also recognize that no one is perfect, so while we’re looking for these kinds of qualities, we also highly value things like transparency, vulnerability, confession, repentance, and accountability.

If you’re feeling a desire or calling to leadership in one of the areas below, we would love to hear from you, even if you think you might be 1-3 years out from becoming a leader or even if you think you’re only going to be in Hampton Roads for 1-3 years. We understand the transient nature of our area and believe that leaders are worth the Kingdom investment in time and resources.

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