Anchor Adults

Anchor’s ministries were created to aid us in fulfilling our mission. So, each one of these ministries is bent on helping people find hope IN Jesus by making and mobilizing faithful disciples OF Jesus.

While the flavor and reach of each ministry will vary, they each have five central goals they are straining toward:

To provide a context for devoted SOUL CARE
To provide time and space for DEVOTED PRAYER
To cultivate a culture of GENUINE CHRISTIAN FRIENDSHIP

Anchor Men

For Men of All Ages
God has a simple, straightforward, and high calling for men. At Anchor, we want to help our men pursue that calling with reckless abandon. Jesus calls men to follow Him fully and engage with Him boldly in pursuit of His plan of renewal in the home, in the church, and in the community.

To this end, Anchor hosts men’s events and Bible studies intermittently throughout the year. Most mens’ gatherings focus on understanding and rigorously applying God’s Word to their lives. If you have any questions about the next men’s event or study, please contact us at

Anchor Women

For Women of All Ages
It is our desire to employ the gifts of women to their full biblical extent. So, at Anchor, we desire to sharpen the skills and gifts that will help our women be more effective and more fulfilled in the home, in the church, and in the community.

During the school year, Anchor hosts women’s Bible studies which feature interactive discussions centered on books of the Bible. We also have other gatherings throughout the year as well as one-to-one discipleship opportunities. If you have interest in any of these things, please contact us at

Anchor Young Adults

For College Age & Young Professionals
Anchor aims to be an inter-generational church in which old and young mix it up for the good of each other and the glory of God. In our church, every generation serves alongside other generations. It keeps older adults young and helps make the young wise.

At the same time, we see value in providing contexts where young adults are able to learn from one another, care for one another, and serve alongside each other.

To this end, Anchor’s Young Adults meet throughout the year for faith-building events and gatherings to build community and fellowship. If you have interest in any of these things, please contact us at