Weighty & Wonderful

In God’s providence, we are absolutely dependent upon one another. We’re both needy (we need one another) and needed (we’re needed by one another). And, though we are many, we are one. Here’s how the Apostle Paul said it: “For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body….”

Church partnership is a solemn (it’s weighty) and joyful (it’s wonderful) covenant to live as lights in the darkness together. In this covenant, church partners are cared for, protected, and commissioned by the church. In turn, the church body is strengthened by its partners who collectively embrace and live out the mission of Jesus. Partnership isn’t an exclusive perk for hyper-committed Christians. It’s normative. And, it’s for any believer that desires to experience the fullness of God’s intended plan for growth and grace in their journey with Jesus.
We are more than members of a club or organization – we’re members of one another! We’re one body, one family working together to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to our friends and neighbors.

Become a Partner

Becoming a partner at Anchor is a simple, yet a thorough process.

Here it is:
  1. Fill out a Connection Card.
  2. Next, register to attend our next Open House to learn more about Anchor Church, what we believe, and what you can expect as a partner of our church family.
  3. Then, register for an upcoming Partnership Class with a Pastor & other prospective partners. During this class, one of our pastors will relay our mission, core beliefs, partnership expectations, opportunities to serve, and why you should join a church (even if it’s not Anchor!). This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Anchor’s beliefs, vision, and methodology. If you register for this class, you’re certainly not obligated to join.
  4. Submit a Partnership Application. After you’ve attended one of our partnership classes, if you’re ready to commit, you’ll submit a Partnership Application to the pastors.  Before submitting your application, please read our Statement of Faith and Partner Covenant.
  5. Partnership interview with a Pastor. During this meeting, you’ll meet with a pastor to recount your story of how God has redeemed and is renewing you.
  6. Officially join our partnership at a Partners' Fellowship. On a Sunday, you’ll officially covenant with us (and we with you) and join us as we seek to know Christ and make Him known in all the cracks and crevices of Hampton Roads and all the way around the globe.

Anchor Church’s emphasis on partnership is rooted in our deep love for our partners. We’re committed to your flourishing gospel joy and holiness. We firmly believe these experiences are most fully realized in the context of the covenant relationships in a local church.

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