We have this strong and trustworthy hope [ in Jesus ] as an anchor for our souls.

Hebrews 6:19

Anchor in ten

Here are 10 things in 10 minutes that’ll give you an idea of who Anchor is and what we’re all about.

Our Vision

Anchor Church envisions a future where everyone in Hampton Roads - every man, woman, and child - encounters the hope of Jesus in a way that cannot be ignored.

VISION is our destination.

MISSION is how we get there.

Our Mission

Anchor Church exists to help people find hope in Jesus by making and mobilizing faithful disciples of Jesus.

What We Believe

Anchor’s statement of faith (based on The Gospel Coalition’s Confessional Statement) provides a clear, simple, and biblical foundation for all we do at Anchor. This confession summarizes biblical doctrine with Christ as center and the gospel as primary. Anchor is a church centered-on and continually shaped-by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although we do not require our partners to agree on every point, the confession forms our theological DNA.