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We believe that one of our primary Christian identities is Servant. There’s no doubting that Jesus came to serve and has called His followers to do the same. In fact, the call to follow Jesus is more than finding opportunities to serve, it’s taking the posture of a servant in every area of life!

With this in mind, we’d be glad to have you serve with us! Serving is not only a way to respond in gratitude to God with our time and talents, it’s also a way that God uses to shape our hearts into becoming more like Jesus. Would you take a minute and let us know what areas you feel most gifted and able to serve in, as well as other areas that you’d be willing to serve in if we needed the help?

We care for our volunteers and although you may pick as many of these options as you like, we work hard to limit the number of times our volunteers are serving every month – we want to serve together for the long haul, so we’re working hard to create a healthy culture of serving and scheduling volunteers.

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Serving at Anchor Church

Check out the videos below to learn about a few of our serving teams. We hope these overview videos will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what serving with us on Sundays looks like! 

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Interested in becoming a Ministry Team Leader?