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Helping people find hope in Jesus by providing leadership, oversight, and vision to a ministry team.

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We require all Ministry Team Leaders to be Partners at Anchor Church. Click the Partnership button below to review our Partnership Form if you are not already a Partner. Additionally, complete the below Ministry Team Leader Application. Once completed, a Leader will reach out to you.

Ministry Team Leader Handbook

This handbook provides the overall vision, philosophy, logistics, and expectations of Teams and Team Leaders. Please read and review it at the start of each new semester.
Ministry Team Leaders (MTLs) are key, volunteer leaders who provide leadership, oversight, and vision to a ministry team. This person is the main point of contact for all volunteers who serve within a specific team. A MTL creates a welcoming and inviting volunteer environment, trains new volunteers, and makes sure the team functions smoothly.

In order to provide a welcoming & distraction-free environment for guests and partners to worship freely, we ask that MTLs are able to devote time and energy to leading and training a group of volunteers to ensure their serving team runs smoothly.

Ministry Team Handbooks

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