Anchor isn’t a building or a place. It’s not a vibe or an experience. Anchor is a people. We’re a group of ordinary, gospel-needy people who’ve had a radical encounter with grace and are committed to following Jesus together. We’re a family where it’s okay to not be okay - a safe, providential collection of people to which you can bring your brokenness, doubts, sorrows, and joys.

We welcome you to take the next step from acquaintance... to friend… to family…
because of our commonality in Christ!

Join a Community Group

Live life together in community! Grow in your relationships by joining us for our Sunday Worship Gatherings and attending a Community Group. Find support, friendship, community, and care through one of our Community Groups meeting across Hampton Roads.

Join a Serving Team

Serving is not only a way to respond in gratitude to God with our time and talents, it’s also a way that God uses to shape our hearts into becoming more like Jesus. Join a serving team or participate in a local service project with us.

Respond to God's Generosity

We see cheerful giving as an act of worship to God in response to His own generosity toward us. We do not overemphasize money or giving above other ways to worship God, but we do encourage it as a part of our Sunday worship gatherings and as part of our partnership in Gospel ministry. Consider partnering with us to bring the Good News of Jesus to our friends and neighbors throughout Hampton Roads.

Attend our Partnership Classes

Anchor Church’s emphasis on partnership is rooted in our deep love for our partners. We’re committed to your flourishing gospel joy and holiness. We firmly believe these experiences are most fully realized in the context of the covenant relationships in a local church. Partnership isn’t an exclusive perk for hyper-committed Christians. It’s normative. And, it’s for any believer that desires to experience the fullness of God’s intended plan for growth and grace in their journey with Jesus.