Anchor Kids

We know that you want to protect your children and see them grow. We also understand that, especially with little ones, focused participation in a worship gathering can be challenging.

Anchor Kids provides a safe and nurturing environment for kids (Infants through Fifth Grade) so you can have the freedom and confidence to fully engage in the worship gathering. Every person who serves in Anchor Kids undergoes training, submits to a background check, and agrees to abide by our Child Protection Policy.

Your First Visit

The Anchor Kids Check-In desk is located on the second floor of the Sandler. (Accessible either by elevators or the front stairs by the entry doors of the Sandler Center.) 

Anchor Kids Team members will be there to help you register your child(ren), print a name tag, and provide a pick-up tag for you! Please inform the staff/team members of any allergies or special needs your child may have.

After checking in, someone will show you where you can drop your child(ren) off for their class(es). Please ask our Anchor Kids Team members any of your questions. They are always happy to help!

Reach out directly to our Children's Ministry Coordinator, Amber!

What We Teach

Anchor Kids uses a Bible-based, Christ-focused, and Gospel-centered curriculum designed to help our children understand the centrality of Jesus throughout the storyline of the Bible.

They’ll spend their time learning of God’s glorious plan of redemption from Genesis to Revelation through the use of stories, crafts, and activities.

Aging Out of Anchor Kids

Once your child moves past 5th grade, we encourage them to join our Youth ministry! This ministry is for students ages 11–18 with our deep desire is to see adolescents become passionate followers of Jesus!

For more about youth, click the button below!