Archived Resources

I Am Discussion Guide

Use this guide to assist your studies on who Jesus says He is through the "I Am" statements in the Bible. 

Advent Reflective Guide

Within this guide, you’ll find sections of scripture to read, questions to discuss and answer, various prayers and space to write your own prayers, as well as music and art to reflect upon. Spend time reflecting on each section as you walk through the five ideas outlined in this guide: hope, peace, love, joy, worship.

Encounters With Jesus

The Encounters with Jesus Bible Study is a 6-session guide to be used in a one-on-on setting to learn more about Jesus

Joshua Guide

Join us for a 10-week series through the book of Joshua. We encourage you to use this guide within Community Groups or with two or more people.

Advent Bundles

Journey with us through Matthew 1 as we spend each week of Advent studying four women in the genealogy line of Jesus: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba.

Each Sunday of Advent, we released an Advent Bundle for digital download! There are a total of four Advent Bundles released that include a devotional guide, a podcast with different special guests, and additional materials - all specific to each week of Advent.