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Helping people find hope in Jesus by building meaningful, biblical friendships.

Become a Group Leader

We require all Group Leaders to be Partners at Anchor Church. Click the Partnership button below to review our Partnership Form if you are not already a Partner. Additionally, complete the below Group Leader Application. Once completed, a Leader will reach out to you to schedule a time to meet.

Group Leader Handbook

This handbook provides the overall vision, philosophy, logistics, and expectations of Groups and Group Leaders. Please read the Handbook prior to beginning your group and review it at the start of each new semester.

Vision & Mission

Download our Vision & Mission document below that outlines Anchor Church's purpose and heartbeat behind why we do what we do.

Core Values

Gospel. Community. Mission. Learn more about our three Core Values by downloading the document below. 


There are four main Identities we function from. Download our Identities document below to learn more.
In light of our Biblical convictions that community is a critical part of sanctification and growth of a believer, and a crucial aspect of being God’s image-bearers, we want to see everyone living out their faith in a group setting. For this reason, being in a Community Group is encouraged for partnership, and Community Groups are our primary vehicle for discipleship and an important strategy for the mission of the church.

Therefore, your service as a Community Group Leader is vital to the health and mission of Anchor Church! You will play a huge part in determining the legacy of Anchor Church and transforming our city.

Personal Development Plan

Complete the Personal Development Plan prior to beginning your group and at the start of each new semester. Review your results with your Co-Leader or Group Coach.

Missional Assessment Worksheet

Complete the Missional Assessment Worksheet prior to beginning your group and at the start of each new semester. Review your results with your Co-Leader or Group Coach. Use the worksheet to adjust your group's strategy and plan to reach your community.

Group Leader Installment Process

There are seven total phases an individual must walk through to become a Group Leader. Download the Group Leader Installment Process to learn more about the specifics of each phase. 

Resource links

Download a comprehensive list of resources to assist in various needs. Check back frequently for updates.

Questions about any of the materials or resources?

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