One campaign

Together each ONE can make a difference

Our Vision & Goal

A note from Pastor Kris

In March of this year, I sensed an opportunity to encourage our church to grow by ONE in three of our five partnership categories: give, serve, go. At the time, we were addressing the ministry of Jesus (Gentle and Lowly) and how we could become more like Him. We were also beginning to feel the post-Covid strain on our ministries (volunteers) and resources (finances). We’ve been encouraged that we were able to sustain our staffing and facilities/office through the worst of the pandemic, but coming out of Covid our attendance and giving have not been sustained, so we’re considering which of our ministry teams needs the most support and considering making cuts to our budget. For instance, without an increase in giving for those who are able and without growth in new believers and new members, we realized that we would have to make some unfortunate larger cuts to our budget along the lines of office space, outreach events, leadership development cohorts, and eventually staffing. 
In addition to making any necessary cuts, our leadership wanted to emphasize our desire and plan for growth in these areas. So, it seemed good to our leaders to encourage everyone in our church family to 1) serve One Sunday a month, 2) increase personal giving by at least One percent of your income, and 3) reach One person with prayer and an invitation to church as the Spirit leads.

Over the last year, several people in our church have asked me, “What can we do to help strengthen and grow Anchor Church coming out of the impact of the pandemic?” I truly believe that if everyone made these three commitments, we would have more than enough volunteers and resources to cover our ministry needs and pursue growth opportunities.
God has always provided exactly what we’ve needed over the past 10 years but as our faithful partners in the ministry, we feel it important to invite you to join us in asking the Lord to financially provide, and consider what He may be asking you to give to His church to help fulfill her purpose. With these needs in mind, we’re asking for 100% engagement from everyone who considers Anchor their church home. If each ONE of us participates, we’ll definitely make a difference!

Consider ONE commitment in each of our categories: Give, Serve, Reach.

Give one

Would you prayerfully consider how you can financially support the following requests, and ask the Lord to provide for Anchor Church and her purpose?

  • Anchor Office located at Gather in Town Center: This office space provides meeting locations for our staff, ministry leaders, and ministry events. We may have to let our lease expire in September and find alternative meeting space for staff and ministry.
  • Outreach Events: Our Fall Shindig and Christmas Service are two of our largest attended outreach events, apart from Easter, and also some of the largest financial commitments. A significant part of our mission, if not our main priority, is to reach our neighbors and community with the Good News, and these annual outreach events are one of the main ways we corporately join together to do so. We may have to hold off on hosting the Shindig (like we did for our Summer Party at the Pier), and we may reduce some of our hospitality efforts on Christmas Eve (like we did for Easter).
  • Programs for Partners: We desire to develop healthy leaders through our Men & Women’s Cohorts, Seminars, and Group Leader and Ministry Team Leader meetings. We need financial support to provide these resources, materials, teachings, and programs to equip men and women to live out their calling.
  • Meeting Space at the Sandler Center: We have been blessed to meet at the Sandler Center in Town Center, a city-owned building, for a number of years, but we do not own the space nor have access for free. Each classroom, meeting space, and the hours we gather come at a cost.
  • Staffing: Although we may have to reduce our staffing, the future of our ministry depends on actually being able to expand our staffing to include a Children and Youth Director, a Groups Ministry Director, and an Associate Pastor for teaching and counseling.

Serve ONE

Our most significant needs for volunteers are in our children’s ministry classes (all ages, but especially for teachers in our older classes) and on our production teams (especially our sound tech and video tech teams). Fill out the form if you'd like to speak with someone about serving once a month.

Reach one

Who around you needs the hope you’ve found in Jesus? Pray for at least one person that you know, and look for an opportunity to invite them to church. Consider hosting or joining together with friends to throw a block party, Sunday watch party, or dinner party where you create space for Gospel conversations with those you are praying for.

Can we join you in praying for them?
Let us know who you're praying for by filling out the form.
Everything we do comes from this calling: To bring hope to as many people as possible by spreading the Good News of Jesus everywhere and demonstrating radical hospitality within the community so that lives are changed, leaders are developed, and more churches are planted. Would you prayerfully consider how you can partner in the ONE campaign, and ask the Lord to provide for Anchor Church and her purpose?