Give Generously

Beginning a tradition of generosity

We’d like to begin celebrating a tradition of generosity toward the church staff members by providing an annual Christmas bonus. We see this as an opportunity to both thank and bless the staff for the hard work they’ve put in over the past year. For those of you who don’t know all the staff members, here’s the short list of the people who will benefit from your generosity:

  • Kris Hassanpour (This is our last chance to formally bless Kris as our Founding Pastor, so don’t miss it!)
  • Melanie Rivera
  • Olivia Camp
  • Sheldon White
  • Amber Mukherjee

There are many different ways for us to practice being a people of radical generosity. Some of those opportunities happen on a daily basis (in ways big and small), and some of those opportunities happen at appointed times and seasons. This would be a way for us to use an appointed time/season as an excuse to practice generosity toward the people who labor (often well beyond their “work hours”) on our behalf.

Here’s how you can participate:
  • Contribute financially toward this bonus. Give through Realm or Subsplash (below) and simply select Christmas Bonus fund, or if you prefer to put a check in the offering box on Sunday, you can just write “Christmas Bonus” in the memo line.

    If you’re able to contribute, please do so by December 19th.

  • Write words of affirmation this season. Giving a gift to someone is a wonderful thing. But a gift given in conjunction with words of encouragement, blessing, affirmation, thankfulness, and love is much better. Would you please consider writing a card or email to our staff members to remind them of the work God is doing in them and the love He has for them? Small measures of gratitude like this are crucial in making our church a joyful place to serve and work.

Thank you so much for considering this opportunity and for helping us to build a culture of generosity at Anchor. Merry Christmas!
Greg and Heath,
Your Anchor Elders
To give through Subsplash, simply select Christmas Bonus from the Fund dropdown button. Then enter the amount you wish to give and click continue.

These gifts will count towards your yearly donations and be present on your giving statement.